When you’re looking for prints that really perform on textile, Silicotex SI can give you the edge you need.

PVC resins, Phthalate Plasticizers, Solvent, and Formaldehyde  use have been under tremendous pressure  from  environmental  groups  following claims that they pose a serious  threat  to human health  and  environment. Environmental  groups have   also   applied   pressure   on   sportswear companies and retailers who in turn have sought to  reduce  the  use  of  these  materials  in  their products.    Due   to    this   reason,   sportswear companies  are  now  looking at new alternatives to  conventional  inks and that’s why introduction of  new  Silicotex  SI  inks  silicon  based  Textile printing inks is going to  be interesting. 

What gives Silicotex SI inks an edge?

  • High stretchable.  When stretched multiple times, Silicotex SI inks have displayed exceptional elasticity.
  • Environment-Friendly. Doesn’t contain PVC, Phthalate, Solvent Formaldehyde,& organotin.  
  • Excellent durability.  Very good wash fastness and weather resistance.
  • No colour migration due to Fast & low curing temperature: Inks gets cured within a minute when the platinum catalyst is applied at temperatures between 150°C-180°C.  Silicone inks cure at lower temperatures which helps limit dye migration.
  • Good soft non-sticky hand feel.  No problem of blocking upon folding.

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