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Fujifilm ExcellightTM backlit film for high quality imaging and maximum printing flexibility.

If you need your images to shine by day and night, look no further. With its sharpness and high density ExcellightTM allows you to achieve high quality photographic images. ExcellightTMfrom FUJIFILM delivers top quality images with or without back illumination, allowing you to save on energy, not on quality.

It is easy to work with ExcellightTM, because it is totally flexible in its use. With one medium, you can achieve perfect results with both solvent-based and UV-curing inks. ExcellightTM makes it easy for you to reproduce award winning images.

Use ExcellightTM as a stand-alone product or talk to us about a complete systems solution, including media, ink, hardware and service, wherever you are. You will be amazed by the benefits.

ExcellightTM Another luminous idea from FUJIFILM