Color+ ESW : Flawless digital printing


In recent years, demand for ecologically friendly inks has greatly increased in the Indian market due to rising concerns over health and environmental issues. There was a great demand for a digital ink which was not only safe but also high performing. This led to the introduction of Fujifilm Sericol’s color+ ESW ink.

Color+ ESW ink is based on Eco-solvent technology and it is exclusively designed for  Piezo drop on demand print heads like Epson DX4, DX5 and DX7.  Due to its 3.5-micron drop size, ESW ink provides very high-quality prints on substrates like banner grade PVC, self-adhesive vinyl, poster papers etc.  It comes with C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm colour range and it is compatible with Roland, Mimaki, Mutoh and other Chinese printers.

Fujifilm Sericol is also providing color+ ESW  ink in support to all of its customers who are currently operating OEM inks.