Ceramic Decal Printing – What lies ahead?

For thousands of years, mankind has used ceramic related products for their household needs.  The pottery decoration techniques back then were instrumental in preserving their cultural perceptions and history. Ceramic pottery has an indivisible history with Ancient Indian civilization as well. Even the calendars and astrological events were found recorded on pots with their full vivacity and ancient glory. 

Everything has changed.. Yet nothing has changed..

Thousands of years later, we now know that the ceramic printing industry has gained substantial popularity and adopted new printing methods from the days of antiquity to the present day of 21st century. Today, the ceramic industry has proliferated into different business verticals and printing techniques. Job repetition and printing errors have reduced substantially and there is an unprecedented improvement in resolution and high definition.   

For centuries, the stamping method was used to print potteries which had its own issues. Decal printing became popular in the 1970s when ceramists started transferring images on the pottery with screen printed decals. This method became very popular due to its ease of application and today, it is one of the most widely used methods for ceramic printing.

What is Ceramic Decal Transfer?

This printing process begins by transferring ceramic ink on the transfer paper with screen printing process. The transfer is then separated from the transfer paper by soaking it into water.  The transfer is then shifted onto the pottery surface and burned off at high temperatures to fuse the ink.  The process requires very good quality colour pigments, printing medium, transfer paper and Overcoat.

The ceramic transfer printing or ceramic decal printing is used globally and it is one of the most popular printing methods thanks to its ability to print complex decorations on pottery. 

What lies ahead?

A recent report published in Marketwatch (a financial information website that provides business news, analysis, and stock market data.) shed some light on global Ceramic Decal Market.  According to their study, Global Ceramic Decal Industry will register 1.5% CAGR in terms of revenue and by 2024, the global market size will grow appreciably to a sizable figure of $530 million, from $480 million in 2019.