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Among the top ten printing ink suppliers globally, Fujifilm Sericol is widely recognized for its strong service ethics, innovation and product quality. With manufacturing facilities in three continents, distribution network in 80 countries and marketing units at all major global locations, Fujifilm Sericol has established itself as a major provider of robust ink solutions to the Screen, Digital and Narrow Web industries.

Apart from claiming the number one position in screen ink industry for decades, it has already carved out a leadership position globally in the wide format inkjet market, with avant grade wide format inkjet printers and world renowned ‘Uvijet’ and ‘Color+’ inks. Fujifilm Sericol is also proud of setting the ‘standard for environmental control’ in the industry and was also bestowed with the prestigious Queen’s Award for Environmental Achievement in the year 1993 which was the 4th of the five Queen’s Award amassed along with the award for technology in the year 1990 and for innovation in the year 2004.

Fujifilm Sericol India, a 100% subsidiary of UK based Fujifilm Sericol International Limited UK, has ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007 certified advanced manufacturing facility at Pune, Maharashtra, for Screen, Digital, Flexo and Offset Inks. It is equipped with a state of the art colour management laboratory with spectrophotometer and formulation software along with a fully equipped technical training and demo center for screen printing and digital demo center for wide format digital printers.

Six sales and distribution offices spread across India along with the central warehouse at Sanaswadi, Pune, make the products easily available to customers. With the focus on Indian subcontinent, South-East Asia & East Asian markets, Fujifilm Sericol India has a dedicated R&D team to come up with tailor made, value added and environment friendly solutions for its customers. Thus proudly living up to the group’s corporate business philosophy. “More than Ink…Solutions”




  • To be recognized by the Indian Screen & Digital Printing Industry as the best value provider of products and services
  • > by gaining intimate knowledge of our customers, their business and process
  • > by acquiring relevant technical & applications expertise and business skills
  • > by innovating and excelling in our customer offerings by providing quality products and service
  • > by creating internal systems that deliver our offerings to our customers in the most cost effective manner.
  • To create a healthy and motivating work environment that provides job satisfaction to our employees.
  • To ensure fair returns to our principals
  • To develop and support quality-conscious, service oriented economical vendors and maintain honest & healthy business relationship.
  • To practice good corporate governance and comply with all Statutory Rules and Regulations.




Quality is a culture – our motto, our existence, our survival and growth.

Quality is a key component of our business philosophy – “More than Ink.Solutions”.

It is Fujifilm Sericol India’s endeavour to be recognised as the leading provider of quality products and services by our customers, our suppliers and the market it serves.

The Company believes in and strives for the involvement of all its employees at all levels, as well as its suppliers in this endeavour.

To achieve the above, FUJIFILM Sericol India will establish and maintain effective management systems, meet requirements of relevant standards and thereby safe-guard and protect health, safety & environment and achieve continual improvements of its processes, products and services.

A copy of this policy has been made available to each employee of the Company.


Mr. M.P. Raghav Rao
Managing Director




Health, Safety & Environment Policy (HSE Policy)

(Ref. Section 7A (3) Factories Act, 1948)

The Company shall always follow the policy of according a very high priority to all issues relating to health and safety. It will always endeavour to adopt policies and practices, which will minimize possible risk on account of these issues.

The Management declares its firm commitment to effective health, safety and environment (HSE) management, continual improvement to its environmental performance, and its resolve to maintain adequate standards in this regard in all its operations. The Company will at all times put in its best effort to comply with the relevant statutory requirements. The responsibility of practical implementation of this policy rests with the Line Management of the Company, supervised by the Management Committee.

It is the policy of the Company,

  • to maintain safe and healthy workplaces and safe systems and methods of work and to ensure that various materials handled, designed, manufactured or supplied are safe and free of risk when properly used.
  • to ensure that as far as is practicable, the Company’s activities do not pose a risk to the environment or to the health and safety of the public.
  • to establish a structured organizational set up charged with the responsibility of effective implementation of its HSE policy by clearly assigning responsibility with adequate delegation at all levels.
  • to effectively implement the policy by means of
    1. Widely circulating this policy among its employees at all levels and at all locations.
    2. Making copies of the policy in English / regional languages available to all employees, contract workers, contractors, transporters and others concerned.
    3. Displaying the policy conspicuously at all locations.
  • to regularly inform and train the employees and wherever required, the public, the importance of relevant HSE issues.
  • to take all necessary follow up measures to review its performance with reference to the implementation of the HSE policy. The review will also include review of the individual employees’ performance in this context.
  • to suitably explain and assign relevant responsibilities to outside agencies like contractors, security men, transporters and others.
  • to accord high priority to prevention of pollution and HSE considerations in all business decisions related to trading, manufacturing, new projects, HR and other activities of the Company.
  • to review the continued implementation of the policy, identify areas needing special attention and at regular intervals, conduct safety audits through internal / external teams.


  1. The information, recommendations and technical advice given in the Product Information sheets and elsewhere on the website or other product related documents are based on present knowledge, and are believed to be accurate. However, no guarantee regarding their accuracy is given as it is not possible to cover or anticipate every possible application of the product and also because manufacturing methods, printing stocks and other materials vary. For the same reason, our products are sold without warranty and on the condition that users shall make their own tests and satisfy themselves they will meet fully their particular requirements and the Seller shall under no circumstances be responsible for any remote, direct, indirect or consequent loss of the Buyer for using the goods delivered.
  2. The information, recommendations and technical advice given in the Product Information sheets and elsewhere on the website or other product related documents is given in good faith, but without warranty, in view of the multitude of factors that may affect processes and applications. Such information, recommendations and advice does not relieve the users from the responsibility of carrying out their own tests, nor are they construed to create any legally binding assurance in respect of the properties for a specific purpose. It is the responsibility of the users to ensure the suitability of the products for the intended uses as also whether any proprietary rights and existing regulations are violated.
  3. The Seller accepts no responsibility for any loss, leakage or damages as a result of mishandling in transit.
  4. Without prejudice to the above, in case of a product supplied from a particular batch being found to be defective, the Company, on satisfying itself over such defect, shall accept back all such defective product only from that batch and will issue a credit note for the value of quantity actually received back in good condition, including a reasonable quantity claimed to have been consumed during testing. No product quality complaint shall be entertained after three months from the date of invoice.